With the introduction of CA AB 841 many of school districts are planning their Air Quality Management strategy, and Three Hill Path Incorporated wants to help. Over the years we have been developing IPM Codex to help with the Healthy School Act compliance with all of the school districts, and now we have something new!

AQM Codex is the newest volume of Codex Tools. AQM Codex is a partnership between Three Hill Path Incorporated and Monnit sensors, giving schools the opportunity to allow another level of safety to their school campuses. Three Hill Path Incorporated is a source for CO2 Sensors as well as Codex Tools to monitor the sensors leveraging iMonnit cloud technology.

Contact us today for a quote on CO2 Sensors and see how we may help you with the Air Quality Management.

iMonnit Cloud Technology

Our Sensors have the following-

  • The monitor mounts to the wall with an AC Plug to an outlet for constant power with a Battery Backup.
  • The monitor displays the carbon dioxide readings through a web-based application, Codex Tools and the iMonnit dashboards. 
  • The monitor provides notifications through email or text, when the carbon dioxide levels in the room have exceeded 1,100 ppm.
  • The monitor maintains a record of previous data that includes at least the maximum carbon dioxide concentration measured. 
  • The monitor has a range of 400 ppm to 2000 ppm or greater.
  • The monitor is certified by the manufacturer to be accurate within 75 ppm at 1,000 ppm carbon dioxide concentration and is certified by the manufacturer to require calibration no more frequently than once every five years.
  • Integrations to most HVAC automated systems for DCV.